Give your audience a multisensory ad experience.

Easily activate your DOOH campaigns with no delays.

Why TV? At the moment, the most popular leisure activity in the country is watching television. It is still having an impact on people of all ages and demographics. With a direct impact rate of more than 40%, it remains the most powerful advertising medium.
One of the benefits of TV advertising is the ability to reach a large number of people with a single ad spot. An average adult spends around five hours per day watching television, making it the most popular leisure activity in the country.
Audience Targeting
Targeted marketing has long been a part of TV marketing, such as advertising at specific times of day and on specific channels to ensure that you reach the people who are most likely to be watching that channel at that time.
Ability to blend
Using multiple channels to promote the same branding or campaign can help to increase brand recognition and growth. Furthermore, thanks to the power of the internet, TV can be watched from any device.
Getting the best out of TV advertising.

There's a reason why you're bombarded with commercials whenever you turn on your favorite shows. TV advertising is still remarkably effective. If it didn't, the world's largest brands wouldn't continue to devote so much of their marketing budgets to television.

Be memorable

A memorable jingle, a memorable character, something that cuts through the clutter and makes your television commercial stand out. You want people to keep watching even after the commercials start. Memorable TV commercials are extremely effective. Consider Gonya zilyaki, Bosco by MTN.

Present your brand clearly

Your brand's name, logo, and possibly even the product itself should be communicated throughout the advertisement using both verbal and visual cues. Don't be evasive and hold off on revealing your brand's face until the end of the advertisement. But do exercise restraint. Think of guinness ads with uncle mo.

Tell a story

Marketers and advertisers recognize the power of storytelling. Use your television commercial to tell the ultimate story. This type of advertising is well received by consumers. Success stories are personable and elicit emotion in the audience. You want to instill a sense of loyalty in your customers, and telling your brand story can help you do just that.Think of the NSSF Friends with Benefits campaign.